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TOP 1 software:PExplorer
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PExplorer from www.MyPeachtreedata.com analyzes your Peachtree Accounting Data Files. With this software you can chart transactions types by year. This software is useful to determine which information you should purge.


Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

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TOP 10 software list


PExplorer from www.MyPeachtreedata.com analyzes your Peachtree Accounting Data Files. With this software you can chart transactions types by year....


This program reminds you about future (and past) birthdays and (wedding) anniversaries. Information is taken directly from your Address Book (list of Contacts), this allows you to avoid duplicating the same information in several places. These Address Books are supported: Address Book of MS Outlook Express, Contacts of MS Outlook, and any other address book, that may be presented in XML format. You can edit the list of contacts (i.e. friends) and their anniversaries in your "Address Book...

Flat File Checker

FlaFi is a simple tool for validation of flat files (*.txt, *.csv, etc.) that contain data. FlaFi has intuitive user interface that allows to build Flat File Schema with business rules. Validation can be run through GUI or command line for batch processing. FlaFi is an open source application will always be free. You can use it in projects where data quality is important. Flat File Checker (FlaFi) originally was designed to streamline existing data exchange processes between...

Exl-Plan Free (US-C edition)

US/Canadian edition (UK/International edition also available from author). Business plan projections for new/established businesses. For short-term business planning, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, raising finance etc. Generates six-month projections (P&Ls, cashflow statements, balance sheets & ratios). Exl-Plan contains 100+ special menu options & buttons, twenty reports, dozens of graphs & several thousand formulae. Includes free 65-page Word-based business plan guide and template....


MoneyWiz is a powerful software to make a financially better personal and business decisions. There are equations and functions seem to be basic to some people, but they may be sophisticated or strange to others, and it´s not meant to focus on certain group of users. Please use what are useful, and disregard what is irrelevant to you.


Friendkeeper is a tool to keep track of the current financial situation within a group of people, i.e. to keep track of who owes who. If we had studied economics we might have been talking about things like accounting, debit and credit. Use Friendkeeper for Arrangements: If you are a couple of people arranging a party, FriendKeeper can be used to keep track of who paid for what. If the guests share the cost you can note the money you get as an income using the Single Income wizard. Use...

Legal Form Builder

Legal Form Builder provides over 10,000 fill in the blank legal forms. For home or business you will find the form you need guaranteed! From Credit Repair to Wills, it´s included! The forms are in RTF (Rich Text Format) and can be read by most Word Processors and Text Editors.

BS1 Free Accounting

Free Accounting Software: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Sales Analysis, and Bank Reconciliation. Upgradeable to BS1 Professional for Time Billing or BS1 Enterprise for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Manufacturing. Multi-currency features facilitate purchasing and selling internationally (import and export). The default selling price is automatically converted to the customer´s currency. Payables and receivables are tracked separately for each...

Newsletter Publishing Invoice Template

Newsletter publishing service business has a slightly different requirement for invoicing. This customized free invoice template meets the requirements by offers a "Delivery to" section, which allows you to specify where the newsletter will be delivered to; and two additional columns, start month and end month, which allow you to specify valid time frame for each newsletter subscription. Note: This download is an .xls file which requires Microsoft Excel or compatible programs.

Length and Area Convertor

Download Data Doctor’s Free Unit conversion utility with the functionality of area length conversion and price calculation of all major units related to real estate lands properties business. Software provides conversion of any property related unit to and from Square Centimeters, Square Chains, Square Feets, Points, Poles, Pouces, Rods,), Thous, Unciac(Roman Inches), Yards, Square Furlongs, Square Inches, Square Perches, Square Poles, Square Rods, Square Yards, Tatami(Jo), Townships,...

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