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TOP 1 software:Benubird PDF
our raiting:7 / 10

Benubird PDF is designed specifically for the SOHO market who wish to take control of their documents. It is very powerful -- and easy to use. An intuitive user interface combines comprehensive filters, built in PDF conversion, metadata editing, browsing, and search technology.

Benubird PDF is perfect for lawyers, real-estate agents, accountants, even home users who are looking to migrate from a paper-workflow.

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Benubird PDF

TOP 10 software list

Benubird PDF

Benubird PDF is designed specifically for the SOHO market who wish to take control of their documents. It is very powerful -- and easy to use. An...

2BizBox ERP

2BizBox is a complete, easy-to-use, and free ERP software for manufacturing companies worldwide. 2BizBox is a powerful free ERP system that includes over 60 modules/submodules for use. Combining capabilities with engineering management, sales management, purchase management, inventory management, manufacturing management, work order management, financial management and human resource control.

Tiger DMS

Tiger DMS is an electronic document management software. It is based on internet so you and your users will be able to access your documents anywhere in the world. You´ll find that this is the perfect solution if you are looking for a free electronic document management software program. If you have been looking for free electronic document management software, look no further. We have been around for years and have been providing software for electronic document management consistently...

Nuxeo EP

Nuxeo EP is an innovative open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, based on modern Java EE standards and components. It can be used to implement document management, knowledge management, digital assets management or workflow applications, managing up to millions of documents and terabytes of data. With its service-oriented architecture, it is extremely easy to configure, extend and integrate into your information system.

Project´Or RIA

Project´Or RIA is a Project Organizer Tool. Its purpose is to propose a unique tool to gather all the information about the projects. Project´Or RIA gives visibility at all level of project management. Functionalities: Tickets follow-up, for short activity follow-up such as support or bug fixing. Activities follow-up, for work needing to be planned such as developement or evolution. Milestones follow-up, to define key dates of the planning. Assignment of resources to...


Free Lotus Notes and Domino SMB (Small Business) CRM database. Mailing Lists, Document Management. MS Office Integration. Optional modules: Sales Lead Management, Sales Opportunity Management. Possible additional development/adaptation. No timelimits, no license fees. More information and your comments: info@centuria.co.uk.


The Todo list software which manages tasks effectively. It prevents forgetfulness. Features: Manage the plan systematically Prevent from the forgetting mistake Improve time-management skill Manage order and request together Make composure Use in project management Make your skill of time-management more realistic Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


TimeLive - Web based collaboration tool for project management, bug tracking, employee timesheet, employee attendance, issues and expenses. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version. Features: Web based Fully integrated project management and collaboration tool. Configurable timesheet and expense management Task management Bug tracking Issue Tracking Employee Attendance Free downloadable version Free hosted (ASP) version (unlimited storage) Email...

BitNami Alfresco Stack 4.2.b

BitNami Alfresco Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install distribution of the Alfresco application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Tomcat, MySQL and Java so users can get a Alfresco installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems are supported Alfresco is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system featuring Document Management, Web Content Management, Collaboration Management, Records...

EMS SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL

EMS SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL is a light and easy-to-use freeware graphical tool for PostgreSQL administration. PostgreSQL Manager works with any PostgreSQL versions and supports all of the latest PostgreSQL features including tablespaces, named arguments in functions and so on. It has minimal required set of instruments for those users who are new to PostgreSQL server and need only its basic functionality. Key Features: Full support of PostgreSQL Powerful and easy-to-use...

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