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APR Calculator 32

APR Calculator 32, 1.0 is a user-friendly financial calculator which uses the Actuarial Method of calculating Annual Percentage Rates for mortgage loans as explained in Appendix J of 12 CFR Ch. II, Pt. 226, the portion of the United States Code of Federal Regulations known as "Regulation Z".

Farsight FreeCalc

An easy-to-use Financial and Scientific calculator. Perform arithmetic operations in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) or ALG (Algebraic) mode. More than one hundred functions are supported, including algebraic, trigonometric, hyperbolic, date, statistical, and financial functions. Additionally, Farsight Calculator contains a set of powerful tools.


HandWallet is the leading software in the world of hand computers for the management of the financial life of families, partnerships and small companies. With HandWallet you will be able to calculate your budget better, to track your expenses and incomes and to predict your exact future financial forecast. By knowing exactly what are your resources and on what you are spending them on you will be able to save money every month. Palm OS 5 is not supported at this stage. High-res users,...


A calculator that features scientific, financial, and statistical modes as well as an integrated unit converter. MyCalc2 is a powerful yet easy-to-use calculator that features scientific, financial and statistical capabilities. It can also convert between a wide variety of units. The application can draw and study functions. You can program up to 36 personal functions with Pascal language. MyCalc2 is a powerful RPN calculator with multiple skins. New in last version New functions:...

Practice Navigator

Have you ever wondered how much income you could reliably maintain from your investments and wished that you could have a practice run? The Practice Navigator allows you to do just that. It simulates real-life stock market variability so that you can practice making investment decisions without the risk of financial loss. You will decide how your capital is allocated, how much income to withdraw, and when to sell stocks. As with real financial markets, some of the simulated Monte Carlo...

EMI Breakup Chart

This Excel utility calculates the Equated Monthly installments and produces a printable summery of year wise breakup of repayment into interest and principal and year end outstandings of loan. Very useful for loan amortization plans and financial planning.

ICS Free Financial Toolbar

The ICS Free Financial Toolbar puts financial search, stock quotes, charts, SEC filings, stock news, and financial audio commentary at your fingertips! It installs in Microsoft Internet Explorer in seconds and includes a free popup blocker, Google and Yahoo Search engines. You´ll have instant access to the finest charts and stock tools on the web, including quotes, interactive charts, volume actives, Option chains, market movers, and company profiles. Online audio content updated...

Progressive Savings Calculator

This Excel based utility can be used for forecasting your networth, with an increasing monthly investment over a long period of time. Very useful for lifetime financial planning retirement solutions and goal setting. Note: This download is an .xls file which requires Microsoft Excel or compatible programs.

Financial Fate

Financial Fate projects all sources and uses of family cash flows for the do-it-yourselfer. Detailed reports such as investment plans, balance sheets, tax plans, and cash flow projections are made available to the user with year-by-year and line-item-detail visibility. For example, when forecasting health-care expenses, Financial Fate will automatically adjust these health-care expenses for retirement, Medicare, tax implications, changing family sizes, etc. These automatic adjustments...

Magnetic Money Desktop Int

Magnetic Money Desktop Int monitors exchangers of electronic currencies. Simple tool for the quick search for the most favorable exchange rates and exchangers of electronic currencies, such as: Liberty Reserve, PayPal, Perfect Money, AlertPay, C-Gold, Pecunix, WebMoney, EuroGoldCash, Solid Trust Pay, Strict Pay, Global Digital Pay and other electronic currencies. Magnetic Money Desktop Int is a perfect solution for people, who appreciate their time. This software product is realized on...

The Ultimate Pay Calculator

Calculate how much your net/take home pay is after tax and/or to see how much is it in a different time frame. This program was inspired when the economy went south. Many people were laid off and starting a new job. Money becomes a very important matter. So, calculating each min/sec you make could be essential in your new job.


This is a calculator computes the Present Value, Future Value of an Anuity or Investment ( or Loan ). It has a tutorial that explains these terms and how to operate the calculator. It also has a spreadsheet viewer that shows the changes of the money amounts over time. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Credit Score Calculator

The following is a calculator that estimates your credit score to help you determine what kind of interest rates you can expect when borrowing money. By simply imputing a few questions related to your finances loans credit cards you are on your way to quickly getting an approximate. Does not require installation to run.


Make money with this free financial tool! Back test and verify any mix and match of stocks, ETF-s, and mutual funds. Graphically visualize and compare results to the S&P500 index. Play with different allocation sets, increase and reduce risk at will. Try different reallocation schemes to compare potential results.


Finecal is a layman´s jargon free financial calculator which calculates rate of return on Security, Post tax Returns, Equated Monthly Installments, Size of retirement fund, Savings for Special Occasions, Real cost of Hire Purchase and Flat rate loans.

TaxCut Basic

Prepare your 2007 federal tax return for free. H&R Block TaxCut Basic guides you through your federal return with a step-by-step interview with simple questions to help ensure your taxes are done right. TaxCut quickly and easily imports last years tax and financial data from TaxCut, MicroSoft Money, Quicken, and TurboTax. Get your refund fast--in as little as 8-15 days when you e-file (additional fees apply). Version 2007 is improved to meet the latest year regulations.

Statmetrics v0.1 RC

Statmetrics is a free cross-platform software application providing an integrated solution for analysis of financial markets using the technical, statistical, and econometric analysis. Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6+ or above. Get It Here. Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher Solaris 10 OS or higher GNU/Linux kernel version 2.4 or higher Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Money on Thread

Money on Thread is a simple way to keep your money tied very well on your personal thread, so no single penny can go away without tracking. Money on Thread is simple, quick, and very good to keep your budget under control. In a nutshell, this is a free simple application for personal finance, house budget, or household budget. You add, delete modify the transactions that you usually have (salary, mortgage, rent, bank rate, car rate, credit cards due payments) on the "thread", and thus...

Free Compound Interest Calculator

This Compound Interest Calculator will show you graphically how much extra money you will make by reinvesting your gains and maintaining your principal payments. If you look at the default values, you will see how the interest and capital begin to grow fairly quickly after an initial stage of reinvestment. Try some values of your own and see how you can grow your investments with compound interest. The Compound Interest Calculator has no spyware and does not connect to the internet at...

Home Accounts

Home Accounts is an application to enable easy management of home finances. Features: Multiple accounts Scheduled transactions Money transfer transactions Import and export of CSV files Reconciliation against statements Correct use of local currencies and dates Graphs to visually compare income and expenditure

Wall Street Analyzer

Wall Street Analyzer is an advanced technical analysis charting system for financial markets, that will help you to trade and make better investment decisions. It provides a broad set of technical analysis indicators (up to 30), customizable environment, it includes backtesting capabilities on your own trading systems, screener, compare stocks and much more.

Free Mortgage Calculator

New Mortgage Service Saves Thousands of Dollars on ALL Types of Mortgage Payments with the Free Mortgage Calculator. It´s free, it´s easy, and it requires no Refinancing! NO Credit Reports! NO Home Appraisal! NO Closing Costs! NO Change of Lender! No Change to Current Mortgage! Act Now and Save Money.

Mortgage Calculators

The Mortgage Calculator Collection is a pack of 7 mortgage calculators designed for the UK mortgage market which are free to use on your financial website. These home loan calculators are easy to set up and will blend in perfectly with your existing website theme. Webmasters can change the scripts appearance using CSS and the scripts internal HTML. The scripts are freeware, all we ask is that you retain the "Powered by" hyperlink to our website. Once installed visitors to your site can...


This Firefox extension displays your earning statistics from different Pay Per Click and advertisment systems. It´s very convenient for webmasters, using different ways to earn money 0n the Web. Installing this addon you can receive all data from different advertisment and PPC systems at once. Now all data will be in your browser. And you´ll not need to check out your billings at different web sites. Your login/password information is encrypted and stored only in your FireFox browser.

Simple Salary Calculator

Calculate your hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly income based on how many hours, days and weeks you work per year. SSC calculates how much you can save by putting money weekly, monthly or yearly aside. Calculate how much you time you really spent at work and how much holidays you get per week and month.

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