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Encryption-protected Personal Information Manager (S-PIM), Password and Budget Manager featuring unsurpassed data security by encrypting every single record individually with a unique key. Only the needed record is decrypted on the fly and visualized. The database remains permanently encrypted and unaccessibile to intruders.


A number of measures have been implemented to achieve this unprecedented level of data security:

Of course, all data stored with this organizer are spy-proof, even while you are working with your data: appointments, tasks, memos, financial transactions, passwords, credit card data etc. Nothing will ever leak out, all data withstand the most sophisticated cracking attempts.

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TOP 10 software list


Encryption-protected Personal Information Manager (S-PIM), Password and Budget Manager featuring unsurpassed data security by encrypting every...

Robo Riches Calculator

The RoboRiches Calculator was designed specifically as a tool to help you understand how Compound Interest works, how to easily shave years off your Mortgage, how to simply whittle away all your Credit Card debt over a bit of time, how to grow your Investment Portfolio at rates you´ve never heard of, and completely and permanently flip the debt curve in your favor forever, not only for you but for your Children and your Childrens Children. This is the stuff banks don´t want you to know....

Debt Reducer

What you need to do to out of debt today - no financial expertise required. Eliminate your debts and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process. The Debt Reducer software is easy to use and valuable in evaluating debt consolidation. All you need to do is enter the debt name, balance, interest rate, and monthly payment for each of your debts and click a button. The Debt Reducer software does the rest.

1099-B Importer

1099-B Importer converts the .csv file provided by your broker into a .txf file that can be easily imported in your tax software. It is completely FREE! No transaction limits, no upsell, no registration, no ads... It works on virtually any .csv file; just specify the column mapping. No need to upload your financial information to an untrusted website, all the software runs on your computer. No need for Excel or expensive software. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


Pooter is a personal information management software that includes a powerful and stable thought map, whose uses is limited only by your imagination. Features: fast, simple yet powerful thought map nodes can have web page, another thought map, or any other file as a resource single click to conceal or reveal child nodes easy transfer of whole branches to a new map view full size notes module on Windows XP save and display daily appointments support for recurring...

Retirement Investment Calculator

Are you on track for a happy, financially secure retirement? Here are two quick "rules of thumb" you can use. (a) When you are ready to retire your nest egg should be at least 10 times your current annual income. (Take your current annual income and add a zero -- that´s your minimum target nest egg balance to begin a comfortable retirement). (b) By the time you reach age 40, the balance in your nest egg should roughly equal your annual income at age 40. (If your annual gross...

Golden Rules Organizer

Personal database to organize your tasks, projects, notes, bookmarks, contacts, plans. Shared spaces to collaborate on projects via LAN or web-synchronized drive (aka Dropbox). Full support of hierarchical tasks, projects, notes. Supports recurring tasks and task dependencies, value-driven planning. Includes rich-text diary with time tracking, reports, search facility, and more. Easy mobility/backup with database export/import to file. Features: Hierarchical to-do list...

Mortgage Calculators

The Mortgage Calculator Collection is a pack of 7 mortgage calculators designed for the UK mortgage market which are free to use on your financial website. These home loan calculators are easy to set up and will blend in perfectly with your existing website theme. Webmasters can change the scripts appearance using CSS and the scripts internal HTML. The scripts are freeware, all we ask is that you retain the "Powered by" hyperlink to our website. Once installed visitors to your site can...

bLADE Personal Wiki

A notetaking application for Windows and Windows Mobile that uses a personal wiki approach. Allows notes to be synchronized between desktop and mobile versions of the application. Organise your notes and take them with you wherever you go! The simple wiki-based approach to syntax makes it quick and easy to create well structured pages, and the ability to easily create links between and within pages lets you organise your information. Features: Simple markup Links Page...

VORG Express

VORG© Express the personal information manager designed for individual users provides an integrated solution for managing and organizing calendars, tasks, schedules, notes, contacts, documents of any type and other information. Features: Find information easily. All entities support advanced full text searching. Quick Navigation. Outlook style Navigation Pane to access Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Documents quickly. Organize. Store your entities grouped in folders....

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