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TOP 1 software:freebudget
our raiting:9 / 10

freebudget is a program designed primarily for professional translators, writers, transcriptionists and other language professionals who estimate their work against the word/lines/character counting of the documents they handle.

freebudget offers:
Convenience. It allows you to select multiple individual files or all files within a folder (and any subfolders). It lets you specify individual pricing for words, lines, characters, pages or time and directly compare the results. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to distribute. Now, it also offers a multilingual interface. User can easily localize/adapt it.

Authoritative results.

freebudget is the leading free word count tool in the language

industry. It is currently being used by thousands of professional and non-professional

users and has become a ´de facto´ standard. In case of dispute, you and your customers

can always share a reliable analysis platform.


freebudget uses the exclusive WebBudget´s SmartCount™ algorithm and industry

leading proprietary extraction technology to handle word delimiters and other special text strings. Please refer to the section SmartCount below to learn more about how this feature works for you.


Include (or exclude) text body, footnotes, annotations, headers, footers, annotations and text embedded in MSWord shapes in your statistics.

Enable/disable SmartCount for word delimiters according to your project needs.

Enable/disable full compatibility with MSWord counting criteria .

Print or export results to tab delimited text files, Excel or HTML reports.

Unique features.

Correct analysis of documents in any language, including Asian languages. Built-in

Unicode support. Calculation of internal repetitions -percentage of words in repeated segments- both per project and per individual file. Automatic estimate of the time needed to complete a project, according to your personal productivity parameters.

And much more...

Visit download site and get

TOP 10 software list


freebudget is a program designed primarily for professional translators, writers, transcriptionists and other language professionals who estimate...


PDFrizator is a freeware tool to create PDF presentations, with the possibility to setup the PDF page transition effect, page advance time, and background music. This can be done for already existing PDF´s, or from the various file type formats supported, that can all be converted, and visually combined, in the same project. Because of the possibility to convert multiple file formats, the PDFrizator is also a handy tool to rapidly, and visually, create PDF files. Features: Create...

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PDF Burst was built as a free portable app to burst PDF File to Single Page PDF Files with only Drag-and-Drop, and has a nice user interface. PDF Burst is a GUI free windows tool based on PDFTK project. People can burst PDF files by PDFTK command line, but it is complicated for rookie users and business users who often use. So we created PDF Burst for making things easier. We also made it portable, so that you can copy and share it simply. Just enjoy.

Splendid City Lite Sports Scheduler

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Cvitae is a freeware that manages your work candidacies. Using various patterns, you can write very easily a professional CV and cover letter, in a Word or HTML format. During the whole CV and cover letter writing process, you are given precious advice. In no time, your documents are ready, clear, professional and personalized to your different recipients. But the main advantage of Cvitae is to allow you to use it as a job offer/application and contacts management tool. With its capture...

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Freeware task list organizer: Organize your tasks and notes in one place. Task List Guru is a to do list program ideal for personal use and small project management. It has built-in reminder support, hierarchical todo list tree with icons, clipboard support, undo/redo, print, export and many other features. You can also create your custom priorities and task type. Features: Super easy to use, intuitive and attractive design Hierarchical task list tree with 48 different icons to...

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BlueSpice for MediaWiki is a free open source enterprise wiki. It extends Wikipedia´s high performance software engine MediaWiki to make a professional enterprise wiki. Companies can continue cherishing MediaWiki’s numerous advantages and automation capabilities; with BlueSpice, they can now work even more comfortably, safely and more effectively. Compered with basic MediaWiki, BlueSpice provides, amongst other, the following enhancements: Comfortable and sophisticated rights...


jTimeSched is a simple and lightweight time tracking tool. You can track elapsed time for tasks and projects and use the data for the recording of time worked. One aim of jTimeSched is a lean but extremely intuitive GUI and providing only really necessary functionality. Features: Appealing GUI with great usability Create as many tasks/projects as you want with one single click Tracks elapsed time for a working day and displays overall time Times can be set manually A task...

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