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Stock market monitoring


AceStock is a personal stocks monitor. You can´t afford not to have this tool if you own any stock, participate in Stock Options plan or want to know what´s happening on the market with your 401k today. AceStock brings realtime stock quotes right on your desktop.

Desktop Stock Alert

Free Desktop Stock Alerts: Hot Stock Alerts to your desktop by syndicated stock traders. Receive reports throughout the day. The DSA Icon sits in Windows System Tray. When they post a new alert, a small window appears, advising you of the message. The messages are audio recordings. In the "Subscription Panel" you can configure the Desktop Stock Alert so that you receive information from only the commentators that you choose. You can easily Uinistall the program through the Control Panel....

Stock Volatility Calculator

This is a free spreadsheet that downloads free historical stock data from the Yahoo database and calculates the historical (realized) volatility of the selected stock. The standard deviation of prices are plotted along side the stock price chart. The user can freely change the stock used by entering the ticker symbol into the appropriate field and perform a fresh download. Note: This download is an .xls file which requires Microsoft Excel or compatible programs.

Free Stock Toolbar

Free Stock Toolbar for IE and Firefox Browsers. Easily lookup free stock quotes. Search for stock research with our specialized search engine, powered by Google Coop. View the top OTC stocks (Highest Volume, Most Gained) right from your stock toolbar.

Desktop US Stock Ticker

Desktop US Stock Ticker is a free download that allows you to have streaming, real time, U.S. stock quotes displayed on the top portion of your V.D.U. as you work. You choose the number of U.S. stock symbols you wish to see streaming across your screen with no minimum or maximum. You can also set your scroll speed.


OptionsOracle is a free tool for stock options strategy analysis. It is a powerful, tool that allows testing of different options strategies using real-time options & stock- market information. The tool provides an easy interface to build a stock/options position, and then test it using graphs and analytic analysis tools. OptionsOracle is simple to use tool. After entering the stock symbol the software will automatically download the real-time information of the stock and its options. Next,...

Free Barcode Label Design Application

Try our easy to use, professional grade bar code label designer with advanced printing application features. Barcodes may be static, incremented, linked to a database or determined by VB script. Label stock templates for Avery, Herma, Zweckform and others are included. Accurately prints ANSI and ISO compliant barcodes on any graphics printer, including thermal printers.

JStock 1.07b

JStock is a free stock market software for 23 countries. It provides Real-Time stock info, Intraday stock price snapshot, Stock indicator editor, Stock indicator scanner, Portfolio management and Market chit chat features. SMS and email alert supported. Features: Stock Watchlist - Multiple Countries Stock Watchlist - Current Stock Info Stock Watchlist - Intraday Stock Price Stock Watchlist - Multiple Watchlists Portfolio Management - Transaction Records Portfolio Management...

Stock Duck

Stock Duck is a stock portfolio management application for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It allows you to manage your portfolio and retrieve stock prices by mobile device via internet connection (e.g. HotSync with PC, WIFI, or GPRS). This program gets stock quotes from YAHOO!, and it is absolutely FREE. Features: All-in-one view main screen (with rich color indication) to show everything you need Lock Screen (Default Key: 1) Manage Portfolio Sold Record(s) Stock News...


Getbhavcopy is an historical end of day stock quotes downloader for NSE (National Stock Exchange), India. It downloads Open, High, Low, Close and Volume for each equity traded on NSE. The data is downloaded in txt format. Such that it can be directly imported in Metastock for technical analysis. The data is authentic as Getbhavcopy downloads it directly from NSE servers. Apart from this it also downloads data for major indices. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

Capitalor Pivot Calculator

A Calculator developed for the Daytrader active in the Stock Market or the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Market. It calculates Pivot Points, which could be used by the trader to acknowledge price areas where the rate or quote is likely to reverse direction. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework.


CoolTick is a small, easy, free, unobtrusive scrolling stock ticker. It has a right-click menu loaded with options. It can run all day using very little system resources and keeps you in touch with your stocks. Clicking on a scrolling symbol takes you to a detailed quote page with charts and news.

eTikr - Live Stock Quotes for Excel

eTikr is a free application that allows user to get, monitor and analyze stock quotes and live market data directly in Excel. Streaming stock quotes can be configured to setup custom views for power Excel users. Included are several pre-built Excel templates that make it easy for user to setup custom watchlists, alerts and more. Stock data comprises of over 40 attribuets including moving averages, volume, price ranges etc, that can be used for building custom alerts and screens. Requires:...

Forex Strategy Builder

Forex Strategy Builder is complete solution for building and testing on-line foreign exchange market trading strategies. It is free for use and distribution. With Forex Strategy Builder’s user friendly interface you can create and back test a profitable trading system with just a few clicks. Thanks to the program’s automatic system generator a successful market strategy can be quickly produced without detailed technical analysis or programming skills. Using market rates, dating back to...

Stock Market Timer

Stock Market Timer is an on-screen timer that counts-down and alerts you before the stock market opens and closes. Stock Trading Timer is certified spamware and spyware free. It is designed for Microsoft Windows, is very simple to use and contains lots of configuration options. Stock Trading Timer is sure to help you better manage your trading day.

AmpleSight Trader v.

AmpleSight Trader is a pioneer tool for performing intermarket analysis in various time frames and representing overwhelming market visualization on your computer screen. It is a new trading software for stock, commodity, currency and futures market. The concept and functionality of AmpleSight are based on two underlying approaches: provide a set of tools for intermarket analysis and create most convenient visual interpretation.


The StockMonkey share calculator is designed to make share investment decisions a snap. Simply input your current trading conditions (commission rates that you pay to your broker and other fees that may apply such as stamp duty and ptm), input the number of shares purchased and initial and final share price at which you will trade and the StockMonkey will calculate all complex variables for you. All you have to do is decide whether or not to buy or sell your shares. This is a free full...

Covered Option Analysis

90% of all stock options expire worthless. Speculators pay a premium for the option to buy a stock at a set price for a set numbers of days. At times speculators pay a fortune for a 30 day option. This software allows one to analyze a trade in terms of profit and downside risk.


AptiStock is the FREE stock market analysis software developed for every level of trader. The basic intention of AptiStock is to allow everyone to use technical analysis software without the needs to buy an expensive tool. It is ideal for the novices who are passionate in stock market and it also has a short learning curve of less than 30 minutes. It helps traders to be more success in the stock market trading by helping the traders to know when is the right timing to enter the market and...

ChartNexus for Stock Market

Behind every successful trader or investor is a stock market charting software. We are lowering your operating cost as a trader and investor by offering you ChartNexus Charting (Stock Market Analysis) Software for FREE! Comes with list of indicators, and three years EOD market data. e.g AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, BSE, NSE, HKSE, HOSE, JSX, KLSE, SGX, SET, SSE, SZSE, TWSE, TWOTC, World Indices, etc. Features: Free End-of-Day (EOD) daily updates and 3 years of historical data Multi-window...

NetCafe DS

NetCafe DS is a free internet cafe control (management) program. Standart Cafe Control Features: Open the Table Close the Table Edit the Table Increase/decrease the Table Number Prices and Addition This Program Superiorities the Others: Daily,Monthly,Yearly Reports Loan Notebook Voiced Warning System New Features : Backup/Restore Multi Language Support Password Protection

Market Analysis System

The Market Analysis System (MAS) is an open-source software application that provides tools for analysis of financial markets using technical analysis. MAS provides facilities for stock and futures charting, including price, volume, and a wide range of technical analysis indicators. MAS also allows automated processing of market data - applying technical analysis indicators with user-selected criteria to market data to automatically generate trading signals - and can be used as the main...


NetStock is a simple little stock and mutual fund internet quote retrieval program. Quote sources include Yahoo, UK Yahoo, and PC Quote. Features include: customizable interface, automatic quote updates in which you control the frequence, an export functionality for those users that also have Quicken, and more.

Stock Stalker

Stock Stalker is a real-time, streaming stock quote monitoring and tracking application developed in C#.NET. Features: Streaming, real-time quotes. Compact and simple interface. Minimizes to a system tray icon. Over 40 columns of available data. Hide, sort, or reorder columns. Remembers all of your settings. Custom track your gain by entering shares and purchase price. Set a custom target price and track the offset in a color-coded column. Requires: Microsoft .NET...


eToro is an innovative Forex Trading platform, enabling you to easily practice and trade forex in a friendly and innovative environment. The platform boasts a state of the art interface with many unique features never seen before in the trading arena, such as the ability to open multiple positions in a single click, a community module with championships and chat and the best GUI in the forex market.

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